Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vivio by Alter

Vivio by Alter
Release Date: July 2010
Price: 8190 Yens
Size: 28 cms scaled 1/8

The newest release of Alter's line of magnificent and high quality figure of the Nanoha series. This time in the battle form of the usually small and cute Vivio. It is vibrant whit the energy and power Nanoha characters are known for and flows whit beauty.

In the series, Vivio is usually only a small 10 year old child but trought some event, grows to becomes this powerfull force threatening the Midchilda world, capable of going even agaisnt Nanona in full power.

The figure rendition stays true to this perception, keeping the menacing dark armoured appearance in black leather whit her long blond hair tied in a single side tail and a powerfull expression of anger reflecting on her youthfull face.

A worthy piece of any collection that will be of large interest to dedicated Nanoha fans.

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