Thursday, April 22, 2010

Akiyama Mio By Freeing

Akiyama Mio By Freeing
Release Date: July 2010
Price: 7800 Yens
Size: 20 cms, scaled 1/8

From the popular series K-On!, comes a rendition of Akiyama Mio in maid outfit in a pose that has now become a legend in otakudom, Moe moe Kyun!!!

It flows whit life and movement whit the flowing hair and clothes, the embarased expression on her face is adorable and the maid outfit is nicely done, complete whit some wrinkling of the fabric caused by the movement.

The overall finish looks very good, however i think the hair could have been slightly more detailed and the mouth seem to be a little strange. Overall this figure is very cute and a nice piece of collection that even non K-On! fans would find reasons to like.

Bonus - Moe Moe Kyun

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