Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sanae Kochiya Nendoroid by Goodsmile

Goodsmile - Sanae Kochiya Nendoroid
Release Date: April 2010
Price: 3000 yens
Size: 10 cms
My Rating: 9/10

From Touhou project and goodsmile, this new nendoroid of Moriya shrine's wind priestess is serious cuteness!!!

Like all Touhou figma and nendoroids, this figure is a limited run sold only at specific shops and the only way to aquire one is using a proxy or finding an online shop who managed to secure some copies, wich in turn can make aquiring this piece a costly affair.

Sanae comes with 3 different facial expressions, the standard one available to nearly every nendoroid by default, a smiling expression and an adorable shy face, she also have a few extra arms and hands and a wand, her front hair mesh with the snake is movable as well.

Quality wise, seems goodsmile's factory had some problems with this one since there are reports of several ones having factory defects, like mine whose belly is fully white with smudges of blue. However they arent that big of problems, and overall this figure comes out as high quality nonetheless with beautifull paint and rare color gradients in her hair, her dress is beautifull, full of the patterns seen on the blue parts in the official artwork..

Bonus: Personal picture of mine with my nendoroid of Saber Lily ^^

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Noumi Kudryavka by Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya - Noumi Kudryavka
Release Date: August 2008, re-released october 2009
Price: 5500 yens
Size: 17.5 cms scaled 1/8
Rating: 9/10

I have only few words to describe this figure in a flash.
Super freakin adorable :3

Made by Kotobukiya, this 17 cms bundle of cuteness will make your heart melt, with the adorable pose, the cute uniform, her long platinum blond hair and big dazzling blue eyes.

Noumi comes with several extra parts aside from the basic beret and cape wich can be castoff, such as an extra beret whit dog ears, a dog tail and an extra ribbon to attach on her uniform should you decide to remove her cape.

I love the hair, its a very beautifull platinum color and very detailed, the long white cape is full of bends embracing Noumi's form, the uniform as some wrinkling and the beret whit the huge button is adorable. Lets not forget her signature bat pin in her hair and Noumi's face sports her usual cheerfullness in her innocent looking azure blue eyes.

If you never got this as part of your collection........then i pity you!!! D:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nendoroid Megurine Luka by Goodsmile

Goodsmile - Megurine Luka Nendoroid
Release Date: May 2010 4th release
Price: 3500 yens
Size: 10cm
Rating: 9/10

This figure being on its 4th release due to plentifull demand, is simply adorable.
Megurine Luka is one of the mascot characters of the singing synthetiser Vocaloid, whose voice samples where taken from none other then Yuu Asakawa (Motoko Aoyama, Sakaki-san, Rider). Luka herself has been given the image of an elegant diva and serves as an older sister for the younger vocaloids.

This nendoroid incarnation is really cute and while chibied no details from the original artwork were forgoten, especially the unique unattached sleeve wich is very often drawn as a pair in fanarts. Included are 3 faces, one being a representation of the face she makes in the popular video double lariat, the standard neutral face and a singing face. Also included is a small Tako-Luka figure, whose face can be swaped with those of existing nendoroid petits.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Clalaclan Philias Armored ver. by Alter

Alter - Clalaclan Philias armored ver.
Release Date: July 2010
Price: 9800 Yens
Scale: 21.5 cms, scaled 1/8
My Rating: 10/10

Once again, a character from Shining Wind, this time Clalaclan Philias, paladin of the Philias kingdom. I was never a fan of that character, however Alter managed this magnificent work of art you see here.

Holding a gigantic cross mace and shield, armored in a breastplate complete with greaves and gauntlets, this figure is a massive impact to the eyes, it is simply gorgeous while keeping this impresive commanding charisma and nobility worthy of the title of paladin this princess holds.

Im rather fond of the shield and mace in particular, the hair was carefully sculpted in a long ponytail flowing on the wind giving a romantic air of a warrior on a plain ready for battle and as always the eyes are faithfull to Tony Taka style. The overall finish is smooth and kept shiny for the armor parts giving a sense of realism. This is one of those pieces that you would regret not having in your collection once it stops being manufactured.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Xecty Ein Military uniform ver. by Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya - Xecty Ein military uniform ver.
Release Date: April 2010
Price: 6800 Yens
Size: 20 cms, scaled 1/8
My Rating: 7/10

One of the newest release in the Kotobukiya line of Shining Tears/Shining Wind characters.
As always, based on the exquisite drawings of master artist Tony Taka, this figure is living with the richly detailed and imaginative T2 brand of clothing, also on a personal note, one thing i love about Tony is how he draws eyes and the sculptors always managed to catch this spark of beauty unique to Tony's style.

As you can see with the comparisson picture bellow the transition is almost flawless with the exeption that she wields her sword in the figure rendition. The coat is a brighter military green and her well groomed smooth hair flowing higher by the wind, her small cape is present but is flowing backward instead of sideways.

Of course this is a kotobukiya figure and even if this is a very beautifull figure it isnt of the highest quality, like her ahoge seem to have a slight smudge where it was afixed. Still it is one of many great pieces currently available and a well recommended figure to add to your collection.