Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kuonji Shinra by Goodsmile

Kuonji Shinra by Goodsmile
Release Date: April 2008
Price: 6500 yens
Size: 21.5 cm, scaled 1/8
My Rating: 10/10

From the dating sim game to TV anime, They are my Noble Masters, this figure of Kuonji Shinra, headmaster of the Kuonji household, released by goodsmile is a marvelous sight to behold.

Complete with her removable cape and her usual high class clothing, this figure screams nobility and the pictures do not give her justice. I personally own her and she is a beauty to behold. Her black dress has been carefully painted at the trims and sleeves with gold colored slightly shining paint full with tiny intricate details, what i believe to be the familly insignia is also painted in gold at the pointed edges of her cape. The Beautifull golden belt is filled with very realistic looking semi transparent gems.

Her hair is living with motion and flowing full of details, her skin is a pretty procelain white and her clothes fully adopts the shape of her body with wrinkles and bends all over, they even thought of adding the sewing line at the sides of the stockings. Another high note about this figure is the eyes, whoever made it was able to exacly catch Shinra's intense and dominating gaze wich is her trademark.

Sadly since the game and anime series arent very well known, this is one of the masterpieces that escaped the sight of many collectors despite being one of the highest quality figure yet seen. As for me she occupies one of the best spots in my collection.

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