Saturday, April 17, 2010

Azusa Nakano figma by Max Factory

Max Factory - Azusa Nakano figma
Release Date: May 2010
Price: 2800 Yens
Size: 13 cms

K-on!'s freshman member of the light music club has her been figmatized. She is super adorable, reflecting the full charm she expressed in the show.

Azusa comes whit 3 different facial expressions, a Nekomimi band (pictured below), a very detailed electric guitar model wich is complete whit a soft strap and a pvc bag to store it in.

I really like this figma, especially whit the Nekomimi wich makes her super cute and the addition of instrument carrying bags for the K-On! set is a nice and smart idea. Also as a smart move on max factory's part, it seems they started to make figures on order for every 2nd release, wich is essentially making a set ammount based on pre-order demand from shops, ensuring that popular figures like this one will be available to as many collectors as possible.

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