Friday, April 9, 2010

Fate Testarossa Figma School Uniform ver. by Max Factory

Max factory - Fate Testarossa School Uniform ver
Release Date: March 2010
Price: 2500 Yens
Size: 11.5 cms

Released last month, this charming edition of Fate Testarossa in the school uniform has seen the light after a being reschedualed twice from January.

It is a simple yet very cute figure coming whit lots of accesories, 2 sets of hair ribbons wich can be switched, her familiar Arf in puppy mode, a schoolbag, two different facial expressions and Bardiche, her intelligent device. Unlike Nanoha's release, wich was only available as a bundle whit the psp game this one is available as is.

I think she looks great, whit her long twintails held by ribbons and her pure white uniform she's absolutely adorable, hiding her true self as a powerfull Mahou Shoujo. The addition of arf is really neat too.

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