Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Just a little article about the figures i obtained this month begining with this Asahina Mikuru maid ver, it was a freebie a friend had got in error from an online shop and he had her displayed at the local anime club, when i said i wanted it he agreed to sell it to me :3

Next is the Azusa Nakano nendoroid posed here with her instant groupie Louise ^^, she's soooo adorable!!!

Next is the nendoroid of Fate Testarossa, aquired by chance from a girl on myfigurecollection who wanted to sell/trade it away since she had an extra.

Next is the whole entire set of Fate - Stay Night nendoroid petits, i bought a whole box of 12 and i got them all, but i gave one Saber away as a bday gift to Au-chan of Kawaru Wa Yo! and im gonna sell one of the Rins too.

These are two Hatsune Miku music boxes i got as bday presents from my friend Meruko, they are adorable :3, the Hachune Miku one actually plays Levan Polka and the other plays the music that made me discover and love Miku.

And finally the figma of Rider, this one was a small dissapointment, she has a lot of factory defects like a big scratch on her right leg and paint problems, i actually had to use a cutter to remove a big lump of plastic out of her collar, but overall shes good.

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