Friday, July 23, 2010

Asahina Mikuru Maid ver. by Alter

Alter- Asahina Mikuru Maid ver.
Release Date: July 2008
Price: 5800 yens
Size: 20 cms, scaled 1/8
My Rating: 9/10

As seen from Live alive, one of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu's more influential episode, is Mikuru in her maid uniform made for her class fried soba stand.

I've heard some bad reviews concerning this figure and frankly, i wonder why. Her dress was skillfully recreated and well painted, her hair, althought darker then her actual color, are carefully sculpted into a waving motion indicating she is turning, and the face is full of life with her big bright eyes and joyfull smile.

A funny detail that could be noted, we can see she is holding her plate a bit diagonally and the *liquid* inside the glasses have been shifted accordingly, the only big flaw is the white line on her dress wich clearly shows that the painting process was done in several steps with stops and restarts over the line making it uneven.

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