Friday, July 9, 2010

Yutaka Kobayakawa scaled by Freeing

Release Date: October 2010
Price: 14800 yens
Size: 33 cms scaled 1/4
My Rating: 9/10

Released by Freeing is this 5th figure in a series of Lucky Star scaled.
Whats so special about it you ask? Well first, like her predecessors, her clothes are made of actual removable cloth and 2nd shes is an amazing 1/4 scaled figure!!!

Starting with Konata Freeing seems to be slowly releasing every girl of this serie in this 1/4 format with removable clothes (a Rin Kokonoe was made first however). This one is really adorable isnt she? Freeing really captured Yutaka's gentleness and cuteness. However the face might be a bit too round if my memory recalls her right.

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