Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mio and Mugi get!!!!

Mugi-chan is such a little devil isnt she? :p
I received my Mio and Tsumugi figma yesterday afternoon and i have to say i love them. Both are very high quality and looking so adorable!!!!

Mugi comes with 3 very adorable faces, a smilling normal one, a blushing *happy* one and her very cheerfull seen in the picture above. She comes with her keyboard wich looks very sweet, full of details making it look almost usable.

Mio has the smilling face, a flushed almost crying face and the shy *omg* seen in the picture above. Her bass looks sweet however the shiny finish is slightly warped and the bag can actually be used to store her instrument in. Both comes with a flexible strap so it can hold on her shoulder. However the coloring of her hair seem to have stained one of her hands, so be mindfull of this if you get her.

Mugi can be aquired here.

and mio here

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