Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sakura Matou Evening Preparation ver.

Release Date: November 2006
Price: 6800
Size: 29.5 cms, scaled 1/6
My Rating: 10/10

Recently aquired this rare piece after 2 years of searching for a deal and i cannot say that i am dissapointed.
This Sakura is part of a Hollow Atararaxia serie by goodsmile, like the Holiday ver. of Saber, just looking at both figures and its easy to see the ressemblances in the sculpt. She's a beauty down to every curves that were faithfully respected, her uniform is perfectly recreated save for the sleeves wich are a tad shiny, but its acceptable for a 2006 figure. Her long hair with her ribbon flowing back is a nice touch and her face bearing her empty but beautifull eyes and slight smile is captivating. Something that was especially worked on this figure is her grocery bag, its been made so we can see some of the products inside appear thru the bag's plastic, the negi appearing from the side can even be removed (and be played with by a figma or something :p), her school bag has been given a leather like look also.

Of course, only real Sakura fans will really apreciate this figure, but it can be a nice addition to your collection if your into schoolgirls. :p

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