Saturday, December 11, 2010

Erio Mondial & Caro Ru Lushe figma by Max Factory

Release Date: (Erio) February 2011 - (Caro) March 2011
Price: 3500 yens each
Size: (Erio) 115 cms, (Caro) 14 cms
My Rating: 9/10 (both)

Double update for a couple!!!
These two figmas were two i never expected to ever see being released, Caro and Erio are Fate T. Harlaown's protégés and the youngest members in Nanoha StrikerS and are seen in the show as cooperative teammates with caro supporting Erio with her magic and later on as a couple. Thus Max Factory decided to pack Caro with extra effect parts for Strada, Erio's weapon.

Erio Himself owns some effect parts to recreated 3 modes for Strada while Caro can attach several fins effect to recreate Kerykeion's 2nd and 3rd mode. Caro also comes with her pet dragon Friedrich whom a repleacable head can be used to make him breath fire and is posable in the head and legs area. Both have the usual neutral face and action face like all Nanoha figma series. Finally Caro comes with an atachable ponytail to recreate her slightly older self.



With these two the Nanoha StrikerS series is complete unless Max Factory decides to release Vivio and every cyborg villain seen in the series (one can only hope).

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