Monday, June 7, 2010

Reimu Hakurei figma by Max Factory

Max Factory - Reimu Hakurei figma
Release Date: January 2010
Price: 2800 yens
Size: 14 cms
My Rating: 9/10

Made by max factory, this beauty of a figure was the first in the line of Touhou series figma.
By far this is one of the highest quality figmas to date, her dress full of small but beautifull paterns, pretty and bright colors, with a solid build and well thought out design.

She uses the new system for the hands whitout a lil ball at the end of the peg, making it easier to take out or put it and making risks of breaks null. Her accessories are plentifull, broom, 2 hands with talismens, her trademark wand, sake bottle, bowl and tea cup. 3 faces are included, the default basic one, an angry face and a goofy face wich can symbolize her happiness or being drunk.

I really love her ribbon on her head, it was faithfull to her original design and makes her stand out amongst other characters. My only complaint with this figure are her sleeves, they should have added an extra joint to make them more movable, it is a bit hard to make her stand in a natural way with those always being straight and going agaisnt gravity.

Sadly for those who couldnt manage to get one from a proxy during her initial release will have to pay a high price to obtain one since it was a limited and shop exclusive item, thus prices for her will inflate highly over time thanks to rarity and this being a Touhou series merchandise.

Bonus: funny picture of my Reimu figma with my Saber casual figma.

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