Monday, June 14, 2010

KOS-MOS ver.4 by Alter

Alter - KOS-MOS ver.4
Release Date: December 2007, Re-released November 2008
Price: 6800 Yens
Size: 21 cms, scaled 1/8
Rating: 10/10

Perfect, this is about the quickest way i can describe this figure.
Alter are masters when it comes to making big and highly detailed figures.

KOS-MOS ver.4 is detail full and none was forgotten, every single piece of metal, cloth and weaponry was reproduced faithfully to the original. Metal pieces have been given an opaque yet shiny metalic paint, the clothing a beautifull white and blue looking tightly wrapped around the character's figure and wrinkles have been made hinting that the character is in movement.

Her Triple Vulcan gatling gun looks realistic and menacing, the whole suit is full of small details like decals on the helm, laces around the high socks and straps and buckles at appropriate areas. Her face, with the deep red eyes, as this intimidating yet gentle look and her beautifull flowing long blue hair are slightly transparent giving this space age android look.

It is one of my greatest regrets to never have aquired this figure, its a masterpiece from head to toe.

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