Monday, May 3, 2010

Xecty Ein Military uniform ver. by Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya - Xecty Ein military uniform ver.
Release Date: April 2010
Price: 6800 Yens
Size: 20 cms, scaled 1/8
My Rating: 7/10

One of the newest release in the Kotobukiya line of Shining Tears/Shining Wind characters.
As always, based on the exquisite drawings of master artist Tony Taka, this figure is living with the richly detailed and imaginative T2 brand of clothing, also on a personal note, one thing i love about Tony is how he draws eyes and the sculptors always managed to catch this spark of beauty unique to Tony's style.

As you can see with the comparisson picture bellow the transition is almost flawless with the exeption that she wields her sword in the figure rendition. The coat is a brighter military green and her well groomed smooth hair flowing higher by the wind, her small cape is present but is flowing backward instead of sideways.

Of course this is a kotobukiya figure and even if this is a very beautifull figure it isnt of the highest quality, like her ahoge seem to have a slight smudge where it was afixed. Still it is one of many great pieces currently available and a well recommended figure to add to your collection.

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