Sunday, May 23, 2010

Noumi Kudryavka by Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya - Noumi Kudryavka
Release Date: August 2008, re-released october 2009
Price: 5500 yens
Size: 17.5 cms scaled 1/8
Rating: 9/10

I have only few words to describe this figure in a flash.
Super freakin adorable :3

Made by Kotobukiya, this 17 cms bundle of cuteness will make your heart melt, with the adorable pose, the cute uniform, her long platinum blond hair and big dazzling blue eyes.

Noumi comes with several extra parts aside from the basic beret and cape wich can be castoff, such as an extra beret whit dog ears, a dog tail and an extra ribbon to attach on her uniform should you decide to remove her cape.

I love the hair, its a very beautifull platinum color and very detailed, the long white cape is full of bends embracing Noumi's form, the uniform as some wrinkling and the beret whit the huge button is adorable. Lets not forget her signature bat pin in her hair and Noumi's face sports her usual cheerfullness in her innocent looking azure blue eyes.

If you never got this as part of your collection........then i pity you!!! D:

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