Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hasegawa Kotori Scaled PVC by Clayz

Release date: July 2010
Price: 7000 Yens
Size: 18 cms Scaled 1/6

I do not know what this character comes from and waitresses arent really in my interest, but when i saw this figure i was awed.
Shes is absolutely adorable.

The vibrant baby blue and white colors of her uniform, the ribbons, the hair down to all the numerous wrinkles on her clothing giving a huge sense of realism, clayz isnt known for the most high quality figures but this one is a definite exception and a must have for any collector.

My only complaint would be the hips and waist proportion being kinda off, even by anime standard her waist seem a bit too thin. Its not enough to make this figure unsightly however.

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