Friday, March 26, 2010

Black Rock Shooter Figma

Whit the upcoming Black Rock Shooter anime apparently due for june 25 several figure incarnations have seen the light of day, mostly from Goodsmile company but also whit Max Factory.

Max Factory - Black Rock Shooter Figma
Release Date: June 2010

Price: 2800 yens

Size: 14 cms tall

She comes whit 3 different faces whit the blue flame being movable, also inludes her gigantic Rock canon (pictured) as well as her black blade (picture below).

Figma's lately have been getting better i believe since the limited Hakurei Reimu figma was released, and this one just screams awesome. The details are plenty, whit her cannon having dents and breaks, the two scars on her torso and her leather suit actually being shiny like it should be, its definitly a must have in anyone's collection if you missed out on the two scaled BRS previously released by goodsmile.

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