Saturday, October 2, 2010

Aya Shameimaru figma by Max Factory

Note: I have accidently aquired a 2nd copy of this figure, if anyone is interested in buying it from me please contact me.

Release Date: January 2011
Size: 14 cm
Price: 2800 Yens
My Rating: 9/10

Another Touhou exclusive coming out in January this time of Aya Shameimaru, the crow tengu paparazi of Gensokyo.

In comparison to the trashy Marisa and lower quality Sakuya recently released, this Aya figma seems to be on par to the excelent Reimu figma previously released. Included with her is the trademark vintage camera she always carry around, her lil red notebook, a pair of partly transparent wings and her pet companion crow. Her faces are the default one, a happy looking one and a sly one.

Like the Reimu figma, this one shines with high energy and beauty and will be a great piece to ones collection, especially if your a Touhou fan. Of course you'll need a proxy in order to be able to order one.

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